Is there a notice period required to book a venue through Festivity? | Venues

Yes, you will need to place the order a minimum of 5 days prior to your desired date.

How long are the balloons expected to last? | Balloons

Up to 12 hours depending on the room temperature.

When should I expect them to deliver/remove the Coolers/Heaters I have ordered? | Coolers & Heaters

Delivery is usually done between 8 AM to 3 PM and removal will be coordinated before 12 PM the next day.

How many hands can be done within an hour? | Henna Booth

The average time per hand is 5-7 minutes.

How long does it take to set up the screen I ordered? | Projectors & Screens

Usually inflatable screens take up to 1 hour maximum to set up, but do check the product description for more specific information.

When can I expect to have the lights installed at my house? | Lights & Decorations

A representative from festivity or the vendor will always contact you to set a time prior to your event.

How many drivers do I need for a fuss-free event? | Valet Parking

Depending on the number of cars you are expecting, but for 10-20 cars we recommend 2 to 3 drivers.

How many servants will I need for my gathering? | Tea & Coffee

Well, it all depends on the number of people you are expecting to attend. Supposing you are expecting 20-30 guests, we recommend adding 3 servants for the best service quality.

What drinks can we expect to be served? | Tea & Coffee

You can choose 4 from the collection of Tea, Arabic Coffee, Loumi, Karkadeh or Cinnamon.

Do your Caterers have female attendants? | Catering & Stations

It depends on the vendor, some of them do. For the ones that do you can find “Female Attendant Available” in the product description.

When will they set up the food station I ordered? | Catering & Stations

Food Stations set up usually takes no longer than 1 hour, so you can expect to see them at your doorstep an hour earlier than your event time. Make sure to check the product descriptions for specific information.

When will they set up/remove the slide I ordered? | Inflatables & Slides

Setting up is usually done between 8 AM – 12 PM, and removal next day same time.

Are the photographers male or female? | Photographers

Male, expect for the Kids Birthday Photographer who is female.

Are the photos taken printed on the spot? | Photographers

No, the photographer will inform you when your album is ready and printed. For those of you who can’t wait, we have what you need. Go over to the Photobooth category & explore!

Do the Birthday Packages include a cake? | Birthday Packages

No they don’t.

Can I customize my child’s birthday theme? | Birthday Packages

Yes you can, simply choose one of the Festivity birthday packages available then write down your desired theme in the comment box.

Would the backdrops fit indoors? | Backdrops Category

Mostly yes, but do check the dimensions mentioned in the product description as some backdrops are bigger and require to be placed outdoors.

Do LED Tables & Chairs require electricity? | Furniture Category

No, they are battery powered and ensured to last your whole event (4-6 hours)

What time would Chairs & Tables be delivered or picked up from my house? | Furniture Category

Delivery & Installation of items will be coordinated upon request, but usually it occurs between 8 AM & 3 PM. Removal is done the next day usually before 12 PM.

What songs does the Kids Birthday DJ play? | Bands & DJ's Category

English, but if you wish to connect your phone via AUX you are more than welcome. Girgian and National Day music playlists are available upon request.

Do the musical bands on festivity also include singing in their performance? | Bands & DJ's Category

Yes they do.

How many dancers or members do the bands consist of? | Bands & DJ's Category

It depends, but the bands on Festivity today range from 4-6 members per band.

Is delivery of products done by the Festivity team?

We would love to deliver your products ourselves to ensure the ultimate experience (maybe we will in the future!), however Festivity works as a mediator for all gathering services. therefore the delivery is done through the service provider.

Can I suggest new products to see on Festivity?

Absolutely, we’re constantly working to improve your experience with us. You can always provide us with your desired product names and we’ll keep you updated. Get In Touch: [email protected]

Do you deliver to all areas of Kuwait?

Most vendors cover all areas of Kuwait, however some charge an additional fee for areas like chalets etc. Make sure to choose the area from the homepage to get all available products.

Is Festivity available 24/7?

As long as you are connected to the internet, of course! You are free to place orders online at anytime. However, to speak to a Festivity representative you can catch them between 10 AM – 10 PM all week round.

Can I place an order for the same day?

Depends on the product, you can check the product description to see if a notice period is required. But generally we recommend you plan your event at least 24 hours beforehand to get the best experience.

What happens if I wanted to cancel or reschedule my order after I have paid online?

Festivity understands that those situations happen sometimes, which is why we give our customers the choice to cancel or reschedule via phone or email according to the terms & conditions. Such terms include a minimum timeframe of 2 days prior to event date or 5 days in the case of Special Occasions.

Can I pay online via KNET or Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)?

Currently payment on Festivity is done through an SMS generated link which will be sent to you directly after your order has been confirmed. Only KNET is accepted at this stage.

What happens after I place an order?

Upon placing an order, you will receive an email with your full order details. After that, a representative from Festivity will contact you to confirm your order. Once confirmed you will then receive a link via SMS to the K-NET payment gateway.

What is Festivity?

Festivity is an online destination delivering event and gathering services within a click away. Various options include chairs and tables, dedicated servants, and all related entertainment utilities. Our services are accommodated especially for you to deliver and ensure the utmost convenience with the best assistance to engrave an unforgettable memory of your occasion.

How can I change or cancel items on my order?

Customer may cancel an order up to two (2) days prior to delivery and no fee will be charged. Customer may cancel an order up to one (1) day prior to delivery but Customer shall be responsible for fifty percent (50%) of the total contract amount (Cancellation fees = 50% of the total amount). Customer will be one-hundred percent (100%) responsible for the contract amount for any cancellation at the day of delivery (Cancellation fees = 100% of the total amount).

How and when do I pay?

Once your order has been placed, a representative from Festivity will contact you to confirm the order and delivery address details, then a link will be sent to your mobile by SMS that will direct you to the K-NET payment gateway. Cash is accepted upon request.

Is there a minimum required to place an order

Some vendors require to have a minimum order for specific areas such as Shalaih or a farm and you will be notified by our representative once the order is placed.